Jan Milic Lochman Scholarship

Since 2013 the 'Evangelische Studienhaus' offers an annual scholarship for one theology student. The scholarship is aimed to support theology students from different countries around the world who are affiliated with a Church which has contacts with the Swiss Reformed Church - the Swiss Reformed Church in Basel is closely connected to the 'Evangelische Studienhaus'.    

The scholarship is named in honour of Jan Milic Lochman (1922-2004), Professor for Systematic Theology, ecumenist and rector of the University in Basel, who encouraged through his life and work dialogue and understanding within the worldwide Church.


Finances and organisation: : The leaders of the Studienhaus and the board of the society 'Evangelisches Studienhaus', together with a patronats committee, award the annual scholarship (from summer to summer) of 6000.- Sfr. to a theology student. 

Applications for the stipend with a CV and an academic and Church reference should be sent to the leaders of the house.