Meierhof Riehen

Application and admission procedures:

Following criteria are important for admission to the ‘Studienhaus’

  • ongoing academic study, preferably Theology
  • an inner openness to the spiritual foundations of the house and the willingness to support and take part in morning prayers, communal theological reading and to be involved with the local church.
  • fluency in the German language or at minimum a rough understanding of it with the willingness to improve quickly

Applications shall be addressed to the president of the society - Mr Thilo Arend-Heidbrinck. They should include a brief curriculum vitae, which also says something about the applicants faith, and should include a reference from a pastor. These documents will be kept confidential.

If the applicant is admitted he or she will be given a lease contract of a room in the ‘Studienhaus’ The rent is payable monthly in advance.