Evangelisches Studienhaus Meierhof Riehen/Basel


Are you a student and are you interested in living in a small Christian community and being involved in theological discussion? 


Evangelisches Studienhaus Meierhof Riehen/Basel
Evangelisches Studienhaus Meierhof Riehen/Basel

The society ‘Evangelisches Studienhaus’ is responsible for the 'Studienhaus' which has been in Riehen since 2010. The house is led by the pastors of the Swiss Reformed Church in the village church in Riehen Revs. Dan and Martina Holder.

The president of the society is Thilo Arend-Heidbrinck. The aim of the society is that students can experience Christian community, theological discussion and growth in their spiritual life while studying.

In addition to joint prayer times, evenings of theological reading and community events there is also the opportunity for spiritual direction by the ministers leading the house. The ‘Studienhaus’ maintains close contacts with the local Swiss reformed congregation. During semester time there are regular ‘Guest Evenings’ open to students and members of the congregation where a guest lecturer from the university or from other academic institutions is invited to speak on relevant topics from church and theology.

About us

The Studienhaus is organised and funded by the society 'Evangelisches Studienhaus'.

Our rooms

We offer 5 rooms for students who are willing to be involved in theological discussion and Church.